Any bypass of UK parliament over Brexit would meet legal fight, former leader Major warns (MLex)

  • Any new UK leader who tried to suspend parliament to drive through a no-deal Brexit would face a “queue” of people ready to mount a legal challenge, former prime minister John Major has said, adding he’d be prepared to do so himself.
  • Boris Johnson — one of two contenders to replace Theresa May — last night declined to rule out a suspension, which would be aimed at preventing lawmakers from forcing the government to prolong the UK’s EU membership.

Airlines risk facing new barriers to operate from post-Brexit agreements, CMA says (MLex)

  • Airlines risk facing new barriers to operate on routes to and from the UK as the government seeks to draw up post-Brexit air-transport agreements, the Competition and Markets Authority has warned. At the same time, it welcomed the UK government’s plans to jettison nationality restrictions on ownership of airlines.

Ursula von der Leyen, nominee to head EU, ‘hopes UK abandons Brexit’ (BBC News)

  • Ursula von der Leyen, the nominee to become the next European Commission chief, has told MEPs she hopes the UK abandons its plans for Brexit.
  • As part of her pitch on Tuesday, Mrs von der Leyen tackled the thorny issue, calling on British lawmakers to take responsibility for sorting out the UK’s departure.
  • She said a divorce deal negotiated by outgoing UK PM Theresa May with EU leaders was “a good one”, in her first public comments on Brexit since being nominated.
  • She warned the two men vying to replace Mrs May as leader, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt, that the “tone and attitude” of Brexit was vital for setting out future relations between both sides.

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