All the day’s politics news as three more Tory leadership candidates – Andrea Leadsom, Mark Harper and Rory Stewart – launch their campaigns

Do give my colleague Jessica Elgot’s explainer on Labour’s rebel motion tomorrow a read to be fully in the loop about its chances to derail a no-deal Brexit.

I’m going to wrap up now, goodnight.

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Michael Deacon from the Telegraph has just endorsed Rory Stewart. I’ll let this sentence speak for itself.

In a comment piece (paywalled), titled “Rory Stewart just gave a speech that blew his Tory leadership rivals out of the water”, Deacon writes:

Rory Stewart is different from the other Tory leadership contenders in just about every significant way. And just about every insignificant way, too. All the rest have launched their campaigns in the usual stuffy and soulless Westminster conference rooms. This evening, Mr Stewart launched his campaign in a crimson circus tent.

It sounds eccentric. But I’d rather say idiosyncratic. Because – apart from the odd semi-mystical flourish about “energy” and “the wisdom of humility” – Mr Stewart’s speech wasn’t dismissible as quirky or daft, an amusing little sideshow. It was serious. It showed intelligence, wit, maturity, and real feeling. It extolled such unfashionable conservative virtues as moderation, and the spirit of compromise, and economic prudence, and realism (“I’m a Conservative because I’m a realist… I’m a Conservative because I believe in prudence. In that, I’m more of a Conservative than anybody in this race”). And it elegantly dismantled what he called the “fairy stories” of both Jeremy Corbyn, and the leadership rivals who believe, or claim to believe, that a no-deal Brexit would be easy.

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