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The Telegraph’s Gordon Rayner thinks the cabinet meeting being held to give ministers the chance to approve a draft Brexit withdrawal agreement is being postponed until Monday.

1. To sum up the latest on Brexit: Ministers have been invited to Cabinet Office this afternoon/evening to read a proposed Brexit Withdrawal Agreement (which may or may not include proposals for the NI backstop)

2. Theresa May had hoped to hold a Cabinet meeting tomorrow or Friday to get the Cabinet to sign up to the proposed Withdrawal Agreement.
BUT demands from Gove and others to see Geoffrey Cox's full legal advice has put that timetable back (maybe to Monday)

3. Gove and others confident that May will show them the full legal advice, especially as the Ministerial Code of Conduct says they have a right to see it.
There will then be a battle over whether all MPs (and maybe even the public) should be shown it

4. Assuming the Cabinet signs up to the proposed Withdrawal Agreement (which will include an outline of the future trade deal) it will then have to be agreed with the EU. Those talks are ongoing and there are still significant areas of disagreement

5. Every extra day's delay makes it less likely that the PM can achieve her aim of getting a deal done by the end of November. That would mean the European Council meeting in December would be the likely moment for a deal being agreed (unless we end up with a no deal Brexit)

6. And don't forget that if a deal is agreed with the EU, it still has to be approved by Parliament, which could easily be the most difficult hurdle of all.

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